How to choose the Best Indian Wedding Decorator


13 October 2016

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How to choose the best Indian Wedding Decorator for your event

How to choose the best Indian Wedding Decorator for your event

Whether it is theme-based, a destination wedding, or a very low-key event, weddings require a huge
amount of planning and literally a small village to execute with perfection. In India, weddings are a
massive deal and can last for well up to a week. As fun and entertaining as they are, it is almost
impossible to always remember all the activities and procedures involved. There’s a lot of effort
which goes into the perfect wedding and the wedding decorators play a vital role in ensuring a fun
and memorable event. Choosing the right wedding decorator for your event is an important
decision. Here, we list some points one must keep in mind:


It may be startling to realize the exact amount of money that goes into the process of having a
wedding, right from the venue, to the catering. In this whirlwind, it is often possible that the decision
regarding the wedding decorator gets side-lined. Since the decorator plays an important role in the
final look and feel of the wedding, it is a decision that must be made with great care. Decorators come
in all price ranges and with specializations in various niches. A little research and a few opinions can
go a long way towards identifying the decorator who fits your budget as well as meets your vision
for the wedding. Keep in mind that decorators may be more expensive than you had imagined and
certain sacrifices might be necessary to reach your vision.


Most notable wedding designers have their own style and wedding types and themes which they
focus on. It would make little sense to expect your dream wedding decorations from a designer who
specializes in something else. There are a lot of decorators who focus mainly on certain colour
schemes, or floral themes, or destination weddings. It is important to understand the work of the
decorators you are approaching and attempt to explain your ideas clearly so that they can give you
their opinions.


Many wedding decorators are often in great demand all around the year. Bookings may need to be
done months in advance. Keep this in mind while looking for your decorator and make sure that you
give them ample amounts of time to put the plans in motion. Don’t be disheartened if someone that
you considered your dream decorator is not available when you need them. It may be worrying but
there are a number of decorators who are exceptionally good but so far unnoticed. Research can be
your best friend in such situations.


The venue that you are planning and the scale of the wedding are important factors for deciding the
decorator. Some venues may have tie-ups with certain decorators, and you might wish to take that
into consideration. The owners may have restrictions about the changes you can make to the venue.
The most important thing is to gather all your information and make sure your decorator is also
informed about this.

Remember that almost every wedding planner has something unique to offer and you must choose
one who can understand your ideas for your special day and work towards it accordingly. Sit down
with them and have a conversation before you make a decision. At Symphony events, we follow a
customer-first approach which involves first understanding what the customer is looking for and
aiming to get a clear picture of their wedding ideas. Then, we give our own inputs, and finally make
the decoration plans as a synchronization of both ideas. We believe in giving our best to ensure that
your big day is memorable and the most aesthetically pleasing event of your life.

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