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      Beach Wedding Reception Ideas to Cherish For a Lifetime – Ultimate Guide

      Beach wedding receptions are one of the most beautiful and, at the same time, most challenging destination wedding ideas to execute. The bride, the groom, bridesmaids, and guests gathered in front of the ocean and clear sky, wearing all white or pastel-colored dresses and suits, could bring the most mesmerising affinity to your wedding pictures.

      Australia is an island country with private and public beaches on every corner. As designing and organising a beach wedding reception is not an easy task in Sydney, you can contact Symphony Events, one of the top event planning firms in Sydney, to work on all the services that you need.

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      Why Should You Have a Beach Wedding Reception?

      beach wedding reception

      There are numerous reasons why you should have an alluring and entrancing beach wedding reception. Some of them are:

      • A beach wedding reception is like a paradise wedding. The calm and fresh environment of the beach could bring tranquillity to the hearts of the couple and other guests present at the venue.
      • You can save a lot of money on decor and venue as the beach itself is the most enticing setting you could ever ask for. You can have minimal decor and flowers for the reception setting, and that would be more than enough to make your day special.
      • A beach wedding is like an adventurous simple wedding. Hence, both the bride and groom, along with all the guests, could present themselves in very simple and elegant attire. Heels are a no-no for beach weddings as the sand on the beach could make it difficult for you to walk around.
      • With a beach wedding, your honeymoon starts from the moment you are married. Renting a beach-side villa or resort can make your honeymoon days more memorable and auspicious.

      Things to Consider for Your Beach Wedding Reception

      1. The Less, the Better

      For many reasons, large weddings are not preferable in this new era. Nowadays, the bride and groom would prefer to invite only their closest friends and family.

      Small weddings are usually more cheerful and manageable, especially when it is a beach wedding reception.

      beach wedding reception

      2. Timings Matter

      When you are planning a beach wedding, it is crucial to plan your wedding at the right time. Early morning weddings could be very beautiful as you can get married while watching the sunrise. Yet, being present for the wedding at that hour of the day could be challenging for some of your guests, and getting a marriage officiant at that hour of the day could be a difficult task as well. 

      Experts recommend the golden hour for beach weddings—that is, the early morning hours of sunrise and the evening hours of sunset. Beach wedding receptions conducted at the golden hour would look beautiful and aesthetic in your wedding pictures.

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      beach wedding reception

      3. Privacy

      Executing a private wedding at a beach is an extremely challenging task as most parts of the beach would be crowded with people and dogs. You will have to find a secluded side of the beach for your wedding and opt for a time of the day when there are fewer people on the beach.

      You can also rent a beach villa or a beach resort so that you can have a private beach for your wedding.

      beach wedding reception

      4. Waterproof and Windproof

      It is ideal for you to decorate your beach wedding reception venue with waterproof decor so that the decor does not get ruined by the waves.

      The bride, preferably, should wear waterproof makeup. Also, it is ideal to make sure that all the bride, groom, and guests are wearing sunscreen, as we do not want any undesired tan lines or sunburns.

      beach wedding reception

      5. Accessibility

      It is the primary responsibility of the bride and groom to make sure that the beach wedding venue is accessible to all. There could be people who are allergic and have a bad reaction to sunlight or beach sand.

      It is nearly impossible for people in wheelchairs to attend a beach wedding reception unless the required measures are taken for the smooth functioning of the day’s events.

      beach wedding reception

      Best Beach Wedding Reception Venues in Sydney

      There are a multitude of beach wedding venues in Sydney. Some of the best ones are 

      1. San Martin Akuna Bay
      2. Moby Dicks Whale Beach
      3. The Boathouse Shelly Beach
      4. Rydges Cronulla Beachside
      5. Beachside Dojo
      6. The Beachhouse at Point Piper
      7. Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour
      8. Rydges Sydney Harbour
      9. Pier One Sydney Harbour
      10. Royal Motor Yacht Club Broken Bay

      Guidelines for Planning a Destination Beach Wedding Reception

      Here are some guidelines and anecdotes that could help you plan the most perfect and memorable beach wedding reception 

      1. Location

      It is ideal to pick your location a few months before the wedding, after looking into various factors and considering every aspect of the venue.

      You can also choose destinations inside and outside the country. You can choose the location based on your personal needs, such as whether you want it to be close to your home or near your elderly parents, and so on.

      beach wedding reception

      2. Food

      Choose the food and drinks that are appropriate for a beach wedding. As the beach is noted for its humidity, you might want to eliminate the cold and frozen drinks and desserts, as it would be difficult for you, your guests, and the event management team to keep those foods cold.

      It is always ideal for you to choose the food according to the location of your wedding and also the preferences of the people present there.

      beach wedding reception

      3. Attire

      It is always ideal to wear a lightweight wedding gown for your wedding. The groom can ditch the black suit and wear a white or pastel-coloured one to bring out the affinity for the wedding pictures.

      You ought not to wear heels to your beach wedding reception and also advise your guests to do the same. Pick out a light or pastel-coloured dress for your bridesmaids so that the colour goes well with the tone and theme of your beach wedding.

      beach wedding reception

      4. Decor

      Choosing decor for your beach wedding is most certainly hard. Even though you only need minimal decorations and items, you will have to choose waterproof and windproof decor so that the waves of the sea and strong winds do not ruin your wedding reception decorations.

      Pick out minimal decor for your beach venue, as the beach itself is the most beautiful setting for your wedding.

      beach wedding reception

      5. Permit

      In some countries, different states and provinces have different rules and regulations. To conduct a beach wedding reception or ceremony in some states and provinces, you might need to get a permit from the regulatory authorities. You might have to fill out some forms and sign them. 

      Get to know about the different rules and regulations of different states and provinces and plan your beach wedding ceremony accordingly.

      beach wedding reception

      6. Seating

      The seating of your wedding for a beach wedding could be a tricky business as the feet of some chairs would not stay stable on the sand of the beach. To resolve these issues, you can ask your event management company to build a board on the beach for seating your guests. 

      You can also opt for benches with wedge bottoms to seat your guests, as these would not create an imbalanced experience for your guests.

      How can you miss out on table and centrepiece decorations that can add to the charm of your seating arrangement? Take a look at the creative decor ideas.

      Beach Wedding Centrepiece Decorations Ideas

      While the seaside scenery itself is breathtaking enough, you need fabulous centrepieces to complete the look. It’s a must for your wedding reception! 

      Beach Wedding Centrepiece With Starfish

      The perfect centrepiece for a seaside wedding! Especially great if you’ve used starfish decor for the aisle, you can arrange starfish, seashells, tea light candles and soft flowers like white hydrangeas or pale pink roses in wooden troughs.

      Modern Tropical Beach Wedding Centrepiece

      Go tropical with bright blooms like pink anthuriums, sunflowers, and emerald coloured foliage. Miniature disco balls in the middle will jazz it up; you can add your own whimsical touches.

      Display Big Candelabras

      Oversized candelabras radiate romance of a bygone era – add a dash of old-world charm to your beach wedding with this decor idea! Surround the candelabra with some seashells or sea glass for a dazzling effect.

      Pair Lights and Greenery

      Dress up long reception tables with overhanging drapes, paired with foliage and string lights for a romantic and almost poetic aesthetic.

      Sailboat centrepiece with hydrangeas

      All abooooard! Mini sailboats are right up there with the seaside and nautical theme! It’s one of our cuter beach wedding decoration ideas, if we say so ourselves.

      Beach Wedding Table Decorations Ideas

      The table decor must be aligned with the rest of your decor in terms of colours, the types of flowers used, and the overarching theme. 


      Choose the runners in colours that match or contrast with your decor tastefully. For example, if you’re using pale pastels in everything else, you might want to lay a bright or dark blue or green runner so that the pastels stand out.

      Placemats and Napkins

      Placemats again can be contrasted with the runners, or you can have them in the same colour, depending on your preference. Gilded or gold–trimmed place mats will lend a royal touch to your wedding decor. Napkins can match the place mats or contrast with them. Choosing blue or green is always great for a beach wedding.


      If your theme is rustic, like wooden chair decor, you could go with wooden plates and coasters. If you’ve used starfish and seashells, neutral or peach porcelain would look great.

      Extra Decor

      Place seashells, pebbles, sea glass, corals, driftwood pieces, and so on in the middle to create a true beach decor. You can also have tiny potted succulents. In fact you can use shells and corals as placeholders too.


      If they are not part of your centrepiece, you can have short fat candles in turquoise, blue, or green glass candleholders – it truly looks romantic.


      If you haven’t used a lot of flowers already, you can consider sea-colour themed vases with succulents or simple white flowers for that perfect beach decor.


      Glasses in aqua green or blue colours for water, wine, or other drinks will go nicely with the sea and beach theme. 

      beach wedding reception

      7. Plan B

      At a beach wedding reception, you have to rely on nature a lot. Even if you have planned your wedding in the most perfect and errorless way, there could be many natural hindrances that could affect your wedding, such as heavy rain, high tide warnings, high-speed wind, and so on. So it is beneficial for you to have a plan B for your wedding.

      For example, you could rent a beach resort and if anything goes wrong, you can get married at the resort with a view of the beach.

      beach wedding reception


      All the above tips, suggestions, and guidelines could help you in planning and executing the most perfect and alluring beach wedding with memories that you could cherish for a lifetime. If you are looking for the best wedding event management or planning company to curate your dreamy beach wedding in Sydney, Symphony Events is the best choice for you.

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