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      How to Remodel Your Backyard Into an Enchanting Wedding Paradise in Ways You Never Imagined!

      There’s something downright special about a safe, simple yet private wedding held at one’s backyard. For both practical and sentimental reasons, and because of the current situation, your home, and the backyard area can be the best spot to host your wedding. Already a personal space, the backyard can be transformed into an exquisite wedding venue, just with some re-thoughts.

      Backyard ceremonies are becoming the new wedding trend of late. Due to the pandemic, many couples across the globe decided to scale back their wedding plans. A backyard wedding could be your best bet if your wedding venue was either shut down or cancelled because of the ongoing pandemic. Such a wedding within your personal space ensures that social distancing occurs safely, yet you have a splendid intimate wedding.

      For some of the most celebrated weddings, it was the pre-pandemic venue of choice for some couples: Shri and Sri, who recently got hitched in a wonderful backyard in a South Indian style wedding.

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      Enhance Existing Flora

      When you’re bringing in more blooms, ensure that you work with your existing landscape. For an authentic feel, see to it that you choose blooms that are in season, as well as the local vegetation. To elevate your backyard, bring in complementary neutral flowers- they are elegant and classic, no matter the season. For instance, for the South Indian style wedding of Shri and Sri, their venue was adorned with peach flowers, and further spruced up with peach floral hangings. Flowers and greenery were swirled over the tent posts. That made all the difference in an otherwise ordinary-looking backyard.

      Consider the weather for the rest of the floral arrangements. If it’s hot outside, then before arranging them in its supposed place, you can place them in an air-conditioned area as long as possible.

      Backyard Wedding idea: Decorate With Silk Flowers

      Backyard weddings are bound with nature. And nothing better screams nature than flowers. If you’re allergic to natural blooms, or want to cut corners, then there is no better option than Silk flowers. You’ve got plenty of stunning yet affordable silk flowers at your disposal. The benefit of choosing silk flowers is that they last throughout your ceremony, or you can pick some as wedding favours to present your guests or even use them to adorn your home after your big day.

      Setting the Scene For Tying the Knot

      The highlight of your big day will be your ceremony, and you need to ensure that it looks its best. Once you have picked the right location having an architectural or natural backdrop, the next big thing that you have to decide is if you wish to frame that area with an arch or an artsy backdrop. It’s highly recommended to have backdrops and arches, like this subtle yet elegant white backdrop featuring the idols of Lord Ganesha in the middle, and a stunning floral wall. This not just creates a defined focal point, but also adds dimension as well. To add visual interest, consider aisle markers.

      Backyard Wedding Idea: Make a Wedding Arch

      How about thinking the other way around and creating your own wedding arch with a personal touch, that can be the perfect backdrop to pose for your photos with your better half? It not just takes the look of your ordinary backyard a notch high, but saves a lot. For that you need a wooden arch, some blooms, branches, drapes and whatever you feel can elevate its looks. You can also consider some pre-made arches too!

      Plan For the Weather

      When planning a backyard wedding, always have a backup plan. Choose to have a tent, if the weather is forecasted to be a rain shower or even scorching sunshine. Rainfall either in the days prior to the wedding or on the morning needs flooring, provided your backyard ground gets too wet. Be mindful that you check the wind speed of your wedding day since wind can be detrimental than the rain itself. The more you prepare, the less you worry on your big day.

      he wedding exemplifies the success of an intimate South Indian wedding, without compromising grandiose flair. They choose to have a simple backyard wedding within a frame tent, exquisite in all manners. The tent adds to their backyard decor yet gives shade and an area to cool down, even in a hot weather condition.

      Backyard Wedding Idea: Create a Grand Entrance

      When it comes to traditional style weddings in a wedding venue, the bride walks down the aisle, making a grand entry. But this isn’t feasible in the openness of the backyard, but not impossible if you use some creativity. There are different mind blowing ideas to consider if you haven’t given thought to plan the entrance, and that too a grand one!

      Taking a cue from actual doors, some drapes, and flower strings, you can create a grand entrance in a way that you’ve never imagined! Or you can visit some thrift shops or salvage yards to get hold of a door. Place them in your backyard and make a grand entry for your wedding. It’s not just that, but the grand entrance acts as a perfect backdrop for photos too!

      Styling Your Ceremony

      Once you’re done with the backdrop and have enhanced your venue with floral arrangements, it’s time to amp up the aesthetics of your backyard. Just as the wedding of Shri and Sri, the aesthetics of their backyard was instantly elevated with the addition of floral installations, both peach and white floral garlands hanging down from the lush green plants, that filled out the design. They have also made the most of metal fences for the same. They have also chosen to position deity statue and magnificent elephant statue besides sides of the bride groom chair, that took up the vertical space.

      Backyard Wedding Idea: Yard Games

      An intimate backyard wedding is incomplete without engaging in some fun yard games. Lets your guests have a good time playing games, such as ouoor jenga, ladder golf, or even corn hole. Its a cheap yet fits perfectly with your backyard wedding. Added to that, Kids present will really enjoy such games. So all you need to do is get some decal or corn hole boards and get the game started!

      Another idea that works well is hanging decor from trees- You can choose to suspend jars holding flowers or candles, lanterns, wine bottles, or even rustic decorations.

      Have a Plan For Your Big Day

      It’s essential to have a plan in place for your special event. Having a wedding planner, just like how Shri and Sri choose to have one of the best wedding planners in Sydney, will be really helpful for those brides who don’t know where to start, and is absolutely worth it. You will definitely require help in positioning the tables, chairs, in decoration, meeting and managing vendors, yet making sure that everything looks wonderful. Since you need a lot of time to get yourself ready and you don’t have time to worry about every detail, checking each of them. So ensure that you have a team at your disposal and a right plan to pull together everything on your big day!

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