Every event or stage needs a backdrop. A backdrop is effectual means of passing across a message, accenting the theme of the event, promoting a product or making recognition for a brand or to create the event more colourful and elegant. Event backdrops impact positively on an event and leave a lasting impression. Event backdrops are vital for events as they will enhance your event within the following ways; it enhances the elegance of the event It helps to create an impact on branding for corporate events It may be used at sporting events to assist interact with the audience It creates an engaging background for motivational speakers It helps to reinforce and emphasize your event theme and elegance through custom style and imagination It is employed in event registration desks, reception areas, media walls and branded photo booths. A backdrop can be used in wedding, engagement, bridal shower, baby shower, kitchen tea, birthday parties, anniversaries, hens night, corporate events, photoshoot.

Types of backdrop

Flower backdrop


Flower wall backdrops are soared in popularity nowadays. flower backdrops are often used as a backdrop for various events. in which real flowers are used for the natural effect and to glorious the event. Use a flower wall as the setting for your ceremony or as a photo backdrop throughout the reception. Your guests will love it and you’re guaranteed to have the gorgeous wedding photos.

Green backdrop


Bring nature inside with a luscious green wall. Cascading, textural greenery like Ferns and StarAsparagus were paired with fillers like Succulents and Moss to create this forest green wall. Plus, a white gown will pop when photographed against such a lush backdrop. pairing both greenery and flowers to continue with the garden theme The greenery intertwined perfectly in the lattice with hydrangeas and roses added a soft, elegant touch. They kept the color palette simple with green, white, and shades of pink. Classic!.

Digital backdrops


Digital backdrops are a lot more acquainted these days, by employing the digital backdrops you’ll be able to customize the display based on your interest. The digital backdrops are used in events like parties, corporate meetings, sangeet parties, shows, etc. The main advantages of using the digital backdrops are that they are portable and also the patterns in the display are customizable as well.

Fabric, painted and printed backdrop


A classic backdrop is created of extra-wide muslin fabric, canvas or cotton and will work wonders as a cyclorama backdrop in studios and on stage. Theatrical stage backdrops and special scenery drapes may be hand-painted by a scene painter with placing pictures and distinctive textures. Compared to printed fabrics, these painted backdrops are often heavier due to the thicker muslin or canvas base material, but they are blessed with an unrivaled charm that instantly adds visual interest. printed backdrops for a picture-perfect and durable drape with crisp and detailed artwork should consider a digitally printed backdrop..

Backdrop for Photography


Aside from being employed at events, backdrops additionally play a very important role in photography. In photography, backdrops are used to produce a particular visual scene behind the topic of the photograph. The creative person uses a backdrop, therefore, he will project an appropriate atmosphere around his subject. Backdrops play an awfully important role in skilled photography as they might mean the distinction between a good photo and a dissatisfactory one.
They help to make a photo memorable. A backdrop will add dimension and depth to a photograph.Some of the popular backdrops utilized in photography include; painted canvas, paper backdrops,muslin backdrops, textural backdrop etc.
Photography Backdrops are available in many sorts of materials like muslin, canvas, Seamless paper, fancy cloth, velvet Chroma Key, vinyl, Velour, and many more.Based on the topic and also the shooting place, the nature of the backdrops may differ. mostly commonly used flowers are Backdrop in photography:
Backdrops play an important role in photography apart from the used in events. in photography,backdrops create a special visual effect behind the subject of the photo, as the add dimension and depth to a photo. A professional photographer opts for the backdrop so that he creates a suitable environment around the subject, as they could make a major difference between a great photo and
a disappointing one. some types of backdrops used in photography are; paper backdrops, painted canvas, muslin fabric,textural backdrops, etc. these are available in different types of materials like muslin, canvas,
seamless paper, fancy cloth, vinyl, velvet, chroma-key, velour and many more.based on the subject and the shooting place the selection and nature of the backdrops vary


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