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      10 Australian Wedding Traditions and Customs: Unraveling the Real Meanings

      Weddings are the union of two souls, and what makes them even more joyous and beautiful are the wedding traditions and customs that have been followed for many years. These Australian Wedding Traditions and Customs make up a central part of weddings, especially in Australia, the land of beautiful weddings. From exchanging rings to cutting the cake and even the traditional first kiss, various wedding rituals play an important role in expressing a new couple’s joy and commitment to their union. Along with being a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate the start of a marriage, these rituals also carry deep cultural and spiritual significance for those involved.

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      As Australia is a country with a diverse population and many different cultures, wedding rituals and what they mean vary a lot from couple to couple and culture to culture. No matter what, each and every wedding in Australia is sure to be full of love, joy, and special memories. Read on to find out more about the wedding traditions in Australia and what they really mean.

      Top 10 Australian Wedding Traditions and Customs to Celebrate the Bond of Love

      Wedding rituals and ceremonies make a wedding more lively and joyful. Some of the popular wedding rituals followed in Australia include the bouquet toss, garter toss, bride’s first look, and many others. The following are the top 10 wedding traditions practised in Australia:

      1. White Wedding Gown for the Bride

      White being the colour of hope and happiness in one’s married life, wearing a white wedding gown has been a strictly followed wedding ritual and tradition. It represents a bride’s purity and innocence, as well as the start of a new chapter in her life.

      When the groom wears white, it shows the commitment he will have throughout his life to the love of his life. Brides now go for different shades; however, they choose pastel shades that again convey the purity and innocence of white wedding gowns.

      Wedding Videographers in Australia

      2. Bride’s First Look

      The first look of the bride is one of favourite rituals for the groom as well as for friends and family. How the bride surprises her loved ones by wearing a stunning white wedding gown and trailing a long veil. It is a moment when the bride and groom lay eyes on each other for the first time in their wedding attire.

      The bride often wears a white gown, veil, and accessories, while the groom wears a suit or tuxedo. A very intimate and special moment that is cherished by the couple as it marks the beginning of their journey as husband and wife.

      wedding first look

      3. Walking Down the Aisle with Parents

      The traditional wedding ritual of parents walking down the aisle is a beloved tradition in Australia. This meaningful rite of passage is usually the first event in the wedding ceremony and serves to honour the parents of the bride and groom and the union of two families.

      Typically, the father of the bride is the first to walk down the aisle, followed by the mother of the bride. This is a symbolic gesture of unity and strength that shows the parents’ commitment to supporting their children in their married life.

      4. Lamington Cutting

      The traditional Australian wedding cake is a vanilla sponge cake in a square or rectangle shape, covered in chocolate, and sprinkled with fine desiccated coconut.

      It is often followed as a ritual in Australia to cut lamingtons instead of wedding cake owing to its origin. The cake originated in Queensland, Australia, in the late 19th century and is now enjoyed all over the country. 

      wedding rituals

      5. Bouquet Toss

      The bouquet toss is one of the oldest rituals that is still practiced and has been adopted by other countries. The ritual involves the bride throwing her bridal bouquet to a group of single women who have gathered around her.

      The one who catches it among the group of single women is said to be the next bride. The bouquet toss is a fun way to bring good luck and cheer to the single women in attendance. 

      wedding rituals

      6. Garter Toss

      The garter toss is another popular ritual in Australia, similar to the bouquet toss. Traditionally, the groom removes the garter from the bride’s leg and throws it to the unmarried men in attendance at the wedding. The man who catches the garter is then believed to be the next to marry.

      It is a lighthearted tradition that is meant to bring good luck to the single men in the room. The origins of the garter toss are varied, but the tradition has been practiced in Europe for centuries.

      In some cultures, the garter symbolises the unity of the couple and is meant to be a reminder of their commitment to one another. 

      wedding rituals

      7. Carrying the Bride Over the Threshold

      wedding rituals

      The tradition of the bride being carried over the threshold is a wedding ritual that has been followed in Australia for many years.

      This tradition is thought to have originated in ancient Rome, where the groom would carry his bride over the threshold as a sign of getting hitched.

      Today, it is still seen as a sign of protection and good luck for the couple. The groom will carry the bride over the threshold of the house to ensure a safe and prosperous home.

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      8. Wedding Unity Bowl

      wedding rituals

      A wedding unity bowl is one lovely tradition followed in Australia, in which friends and family take a great part in doing the same.

      As per the rituals, friends and family put stones of different colours in the unity bowl, representing their support for the new couple. Stones are in different colours and hence represent the love and support from each family. 

      9. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue

      Pier One Sydney Harbour

      The traditional wedding ritual of “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” is an old, beloved custom that is still followed in Australia today. It is believed that following these four elements will bring good luck to the soon-to-be-married couple.

      Something old from the family symbolises the family history, and something new symbolises the beginning of a new journey. Something borrowed from a friend shows how the family wishes for a long and happy life for the couple.

      Finally, something blue is the symbol of a token of love and fidelity.

      10. Rice Showering the Newly Weds

      wedding rituals

      The symbolism of the rice shower is rooted in ancient times when rice was seen as a symbol of good fortune and fertility.

      Rice was also seen as a sign of wealth and prosperity, and so showering the couple with it was thought to bring them abundance and a fruitful marriage. The traditional act of showering newlyweds with rice is a wedding custom that has been around for centuries and is still practised in Australia today.

      Wrapping Up

      Wedding rituals and their true meanings in Australia are deeply embedded within the culture and are a reflection of the values and beliefs of the nation. The rituals are a way for the couple to express their commitment to each other and to the community. They are also a way to honour the importance of family and friends in the lives of the couple.

      Although the rituals and traditions may vary from region to region, they are all rooted in the same values and beliefs.

      Understanding the depth of traditions and rituals embedded in the culture of Australia, Symphony Events plans joyful and beautiful weddings with rituals of your choice. From planning the whole event to decorating, photographing the perfect moments, and much more, Symphony has the perfect wedding plans for you.